COVID 19 UPDATED INFORMATION as of 19th May 2020

Tuesday 19 May 2020 @ 11:13 PM
COVID 19 UPDATED INFORMATION as of 19th May 2020 Shepperton Open Water Swim is still currently closed due to the Government guidelines for Covid 19. We are aware that other lakes have opened. We are working hard on implementing all the necessary changes to keep swimmers and staff safe. SHOUT is British Triathlon and RLSS working together with a wide range of medical and water safety professionals to advise on best practice during this Covid19 crisis. Venues should meet the recommendations that SHOUT publish - this allows safe operation within government guidelines. Recommendations have been issued for every aspect of open water swimming which include implementing a booking system to control visitors, sanitising stations, a swim and go home attitude, no changing rooms, no new swimmers, change venue layout if needed to maintain social distancing, card payments to reduce contact, on line health questionnaires ……. to name a few. We are implementing all of the above and more so please bear with us!! We hope to open by early June – ONLY if we are confident in our systems. We are still waiting for advice from SHOUT regarding best practice for our safety teams. Rescuing a swimmer from the water whilst maintaining social distancing is quite tough, CPR is impossible, those and many other aspects of first aid and water safety become tricky. The most recent update from SHOUT is this - “RLSS UK are working with medical and water safety professionals to develop a set of guidelines to support you to safely protect your safety team from infection, if they need to perform a rescue. It is our recommendation that venues should wait for this advice before opening” We are looking at our staff procedures in the meantime to implement any changes we can now. I hope this update tells you what you need to know as I am struggling to respond to emails at this time but am focusing on getting our beautiful lake ready to welcome you all again. Please be patient, keep smiling and stay safe until we see you again Emma & the Team
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